Knee & Hip Joint Injections

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If you suffer from chronic joint pain, your symptoms may keep you from enjoying an active lifestyle. At Kanuru Interventionalist Spine & Pain Institute in Highland, Valparaiso, and Demotte, Indiana, Dr. Ramesh Kanuru specializes in helping patients find effective and long-lasting pain management. He helps patients develop a comprehensive strategy for treating their underlying health conditions. With Dr. Kanuru, you receive holistic treatment that does more than cover up painful symptoms. To learn more about how joint injections can finally provide the pain relief you’ve been looking for, call or request an appointment online today.

Knee & Hip Joint Injections Q & A

What causes joint pain?

Illnesses or injuries can damage the connective tissue in your joints. Damaged joints may feel achy, stiff, swollen, or hot and you may struggle to perform your daily activities. You might even rely on a constant supply of painkillers to manage your discomfort.

Joint pain can be a symptom of many different health conditions. People with the following conditions often suffer from pain in their hips or knees:

  • Arthritis
  • Repetitive stress injuries
  • Sports injuries
  • Bursitis
  • Gout
  • Autoimmune disorders

These conditions are often treated with medications or physical therapy. But in some cases, you may struggle with ongoing pain even after receiving other treatments. Joint injections can be a valuable part of your treatment strategy.

What are knee and hip joint injections?

Knee and hip joint injections contain corticosteroids, a medication which can help reduce inflammation to relieve pain and swelling. While steroid medications may not cure your illness or injury, they can work with other treatments to provide fast and long-lasting pain relief.

It’s important to understand that steroid medications are not painkillers. Instead of blocking pain signals, they work to reduce your pain by controlling the inflammation that puts pressure on your joints.

These medications can be an excellent option for patients who can’t use or prefer not to use narcotics. Unlike prescription painkillers, corticosteroids don’t make you groggy and don’t carry any risk of addiction. And unlike surgical procedures, these injuries require no hospitalization or lengthy recovery time.

You can usually receive these injections in Dr. Kanuru’s office, and within a few minutes, you can go straight home.

What results can I expect from knee and hip injections?

While individual results may vary, most patients notice significant pain relief soon after receiving their injections. Sometimes it may take a few days before you feel the full benefits, but effects can last for weeks or even months. You may need multiple shots to manage your pain over a long period of time.

Dr. Kanuru assists his patients in developing a personalized treatment plan to achieve long-term pain relief. If you’re ready to switch from short-term pain relief to long-term pain management, call today or request an appointment online.