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Are you an attorney or trial lawyer looking for a reliable physician to complete an independent medical evaluation as part of a legal proceeding? Dr. Ramesh Kanuru of Kanuru Interventional Spine and Pain Institute in Highland, Indiana, provides top-quality medical evaluations of people who have been injured in an accident. If you’re involved in cases involving injury claims and potential monetary awards, call Kanuru Interventional Spine and Pain Institute today.

Independent Medical Evaluation Q & A

Why seek an independent medical evaluation?

If you’re a lawyer who works on cases where one party is seeking compensation for injuries caused by another, you undoubtedly want to verify that the injured party is being truthful about the nature and extent of their injuries. It’s important to meticulously document the injured party’s claims and condition, just as you would take pictures to document damage to a car or other property.

An independent medical evaluation can affirm that the injuries are as extensive and serious as the victim claims, as well as determine that they weren’t caused by something else, a pre-existing condition, for instance. Can the injured party see their regular doctor for an independent medical evaluation?

No. An independent medical evaluation is by definition an exam performed by a doctor other than the injured party’s regular doctor. While it’s understandable and permissible that someone would want to visit their primary care physician after an accident, it’s also possible that the victim’s regular doctor might show some bias when assessing their patient’s injuries.

If you’re representing a client who may be responsible for paying significant monetary damages after an accident, you may request that the injured party attend an independent medical evaluation, even if the victim has seen their regular doctor already. In some cases, you may even ask the court to compel the victim to undergo such an exam.

Why see a pain specialist for the independent medical evaluation?

If your clients have been injured in an accident and are seeking compensation for those injuries, they may be asked or required to undergo an independent medical evaluation. Allowing Dr. Kanuru to perform that exam is a good first step on the road to healing.

At Kanuru Interventional Spine and Pain Institute, the injured party receives an objective and fair evaluation and enjoys the knowledge that care is being provided by a compassionate and experienced physician who has been treating patients for their pain and injuries since 1981.

If your case calls for an independent medical evaluation, call Dr. Ramesh Kanuru at Kanuru Interventional Spine and Pain Institute today.