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New Patient Information

If you are on your way to our office for the first time, we are going to need some information from you. There will be medical history paperwork to fill out, as well as various forms to sign. Depending on the individual, this paperwork can take from fifteen to thirty minutes to complete. Please plan your arrival time accordingly.

When you called to make your appointment, our receptionist or scheduler may have offered to mail the medical history form to you (if there was time for it to get to you before the day of your appointment). Alternately, we now offer the the forms online.

(You will need Adobe Reader to open/view/print these file. If it is not already on your computer, you can download it here) When you select the link, a new window containing the medical history form will open. Print the form, fill it out, and bring it with you to your appointment.

Need Directions?

Check the maps on the Contact Us page. Or call us at our toll-free phone number (866) 656-1100.

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"The injection therapy took most of the pain in the leg muscles and lower spine away." – Thomas H.
"I received the injection from Dr. Kanuru on a Thursday evening. By the following morning, my pain had completely gone away. I would recommend this procedure to anyone with severe lower back pain." – Jan N.
"I experienced immediate relief and was able to resume my normal activities in just a couple days. After four months of pain and difficulty walking, I feel great!" – Bonita H.
"I am able to proceed with normal activities without pain. -Jo Beach I had surgery on my back that consisted of two shots. Before the surgery, I was having numbness in my right leg, pains in my knees as well as in my back. It was extremely painful. After the first day, I had a little bit of pain in my back. As the week went on, I had more and more relief. After the second week, I started lifting heavy items. Since the shots, I have had no pain. Dr. Kanuru, Thank you." – Anthony Kozik Sr.
"I had a lot of pain after I was hurt on the job in October on the right side of my body. I received two shots from Dr. Kanuru and my pain started to go away. In about two weeks, the pain was completely gone on the right side of my body. Thank you Doctor." – Mike J.
"Since receiving the out patient procedure from Dr. Kanuru, I have noticed a great reduction of my pain. At first I didn’t think it would help very much, but I was surprised at the results." – Mike J.
"It is wonderful, I am able to sleep better and the pain in my legs is almost completely gone. It stops the pain in my legs, hips, and feet. I can sleep for longer periods of time. I can also drive and ride in a car which I could not do before having the spinal cord stimulator implanted." – Mike J.